Meet Kendra

As a child, Kendra always had a love for animals. She brought home everything from toads, stray cats and dogs, to dead snakes. As Kendra grew older, her passion narrowed to focus on her incredible love for dogs.

Growing up, Kendra’s family had several dogs: a cock-a-poo, a Samoyed, an English sheepdog, and a wolf hybrid. In 1999, Kendra received a Rottweiler puppy for her birthday that she named Bailey. She soon consumed herself with Bailey and began trick-training her. Trick-training was a lot of fun; however, Kendra realized there was more to training than what she had been doing and decided to pursue a career that involved dogs.

Kendra now resides in Utah with her two pitbulls, Zooke and Tayter, and her Rottweiler, Teagan. Her love for outdoor activities made Utah the perfect place to pursue her passion and start a business. Kendra enjoys volunteering her time by fostering for local rescue groups and shelters, helping to place some of the more difficult dogs into forever homes.

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