Kendra with Doggie Mannerz has helped our family through just about everything. We have used her services for basic training, off leash training, behavior modification, daycare and everyday questions/concerns.

As an overview, I found Kendra on Google and emailed her about training options for my 4 month old puppy, Nero. Nero is a Pit-bull Rottweiler mix, and because of his breed, many trainers would not even meet with us for a consultation. Kendra was different. She responded to my email very quickly and we set up a consultation for the same week. During my consultation she asked what we expected of Nero in the short term as well as in the future. Our expectations were that he would be a well-mannered family member and also have the skills necessary to go camping and hiking with us. For camping he would need to be off leash trained so we could take him without worrying about him the entire time. Based on our expectations and her training style, we set up a training program to reach these goals.

During training Kendra was amazing. She was able to open a channel of trust and communication between Nero and I that allowed me to become a leader to him. Because of her, Nero and I have become a great team. Anytime we go hiking or for a walk, I end up getting stopped by multiple people who ask where I had his training done and if they can take photos of him. This happens so much that I actually had to start carrying a few of Kendra's business cards with me.

Nero is just over 1.5 years now and my husband and I could not be more impressed with his skillset. I would (and do) recommend Doggie Mannerz to everyone I know. We have recently adopted another puppy who will be attending training with Kendra soon.

— Paige

Our family has owned 4 dogs over the last 20 years; we felt like we knew how to train and manage our pets. That lasted until we met our current dog--Izzy. After a year of “do it yourself” training, which had always worked before, it was clear that the puppy’s will was stronger than ours and that without help we were in trouble. If a dog could have an unwanted behavior, Izzy had it. Barking, jumping up, fear of strangers, unwillingness to come on command, to name just a few. Walking her was a tug of war that she won most of the time. The future looked pretty bleak for all of us. She was simply beyond our capability.

We found Kendra and “Doggie Mannerz” on the Internet. After talking with Kendra, we decided that the total immersion option (aka “doggie boot camp”) was the best option for Izzy. While it was hard to let her go for 3 weeks, we realized that we needed to establish a new base of acceptable behaviors if we were to be a happy family in the future.

Izzy came home from Doggie Mannerz boot camp last week and the transformation in her behavior is nothing short of miraculous. She does not bark or jump up. She heels and does not pull our arms off during walks. Our formerly willful puppy has learned to obey commands and to stay in her “place” (both indoors and out). Kendra communicated with us and sent us pictures of Izzy’s progress throughout the 3 weeks. She met with us several times, demonstrated her strategies and was as patient with us as she was with Izzy. While Izzy is still young, we now have the dog we wanted. Both Izzy and her owners are much happier.

We could not be more pleased with Kendra or her Doggie Mannerz program and recommend her and her approach without qualification – not just for a dog like Izzy--but for any dog that needs basic (and advanced or specialized) obedience training.

— Jon and Carol Lear

We were faced with the unique situation of trying to train 2 puppies, littermates, at one time. Kendra was a lifesaver! The time she spent with us was extremely helpful. The puppies responded to her so quickly!

And in time, she taught us how to get the same positive responses from them. I felt that I could call her anytime with questions and was impressed with her professionalism and expertise.

There isn't anyone I'd rather have training my dogs!

— Michele, Salt Lake City Utah

I adopted a 10 month old Golden Retriever. He had been in a couple of homes and then in a rescue. Funny when I saw him I wanted him. We went to the rescue and even took him on a test walk. Which I might add he did okay. We renamed him Bentley.

So Bentley had been locked up the majority of his puppy life; which means near impossible to walk and work with. I need to give you the history so you can understand the training I received from Kendra.

I ran into Kendra at Petsmart and was so impressed with her dog and how well trained she was that I approached her not knowing she was a dog trainer. I was extremely lucky that day!!! Kendra came over and met Bentley. Boy was he out of control; jumping on her, pulling her and pretty much not listening to anything. Her knowledge and training has made my life with Bentley very enjoyable!

She understood his body language, let me give you an example. Bentley was frightened to walk by or on the metal sewer covers. She spotted his actions, identified them and then taught him not to be frightened.

Kendra worked with Bentley on walking past other dogs that were barking at him. Let me tell you that was a challenge but Kendra stayed with it until he was able to walk past the barking dogs without paying any attention to them.

Kendra is dedicated to helping people and their pets. My Bentley absolutely adores Kendra and his face lights up when he see's her. I cannot say enough about Kendra because I am able to do many things with Bentley including walking him off leash. Kendra is a total life saver.

— Jessica, Layton Utah

Kendra has transformed our lab, Barkley, from a bossy, naughty, out-of-control dog to a sweet and manageable good boy. Her patience is exceptional, and her love for dogs is evident in everything she does.

In addition to training Barkley, she has trained our family to continue to work with Barkley so that her time and expertise have been maximized. We've learned that follow-through is key to supporting all of Kendra's knowledgeable and wonderful work with our family pet.

— Karen Conner, Sandy Utah

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Nero, a well mannered
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